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Methacrylate Adhesives (also called acrylic adhesives) are incredibly strong and easy to use. Formulated for bonding plastic and metal substrates, our methacrylate adhesives adhere through surface oil and grease. That means you get a strong bond with less surface preparation required.

Methacrylate adhesives make impact-resistant, structural bonds on metal, plastic, composites, and wood. Composed of two liquid components that require mixing before application (1:1 ratio & 10:1), methacrylates cure quickly, provide high peel and shear strength, handle temperatures ranging from -40F to 350F, and are chemical resistant. Our methacrylate adhesives come in convenient cartridges with a mixing nozzle for easy storage, use, and disposal.

LIQUIDWELD  high performance two parts methacrylate structural adhesives for wide variety of applications.

Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives are used as structural adhesives due to their excellent strength, impact resistance, thermal shock, fatigue resistance and peel strength. They are thermoset adhesives formulations that give excellent structural properties to bond a wide - variety of durable substrates.
In Addition: They withstand paint bake cycles, including powder coating and electron coating, at typically 220 to 230°c for up to 35 minutes with no loss of strength. The differences in viscosity, pot life and cure times enables customer  to choose the one that best suit their production

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