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The latest hot melt adhesive advance is the PUR adhesive, which is a 100 percent solid, one-component urethane prepolymer that "behaves like a standard hot melt until it reacts with moisture to crosslink or chain extend, forming a new polyurethane polymer." By curing the polymer in this way, PURs have performance characteristics that are more enhanced than those of standard hot melts. It achieves its ultimate strength over the next few days by reacting with moisture in the air and substrates to form a significantly stronger bond than a conventional hot melt.


PUR’s form structural-strength bonds within minutes, they have a holding strength of more than 1,000 pounds. PUR adhesives form a bond in two stages. First they cool and form an initial bond and then crosslink molecularly. They absorb moisture from the wood, air, foam, etc to form a permanent bond. Once a polyurethane crosslink’s and forms a permanent bond, it can never be broken. The bond usually becomes stronger than the substrate.


Unlike many of the other hot melts, PURs are applied to a substrate as a thin glue line, set in seconds, and are structurally rigid in minutes, following a final set. These adhesives have been accepted in many manufacturing industries, where they can be applied in small bond points to eliminate use of mechanical fasteners, such as staples, screws, rivets, clips, snaps, nails or stitching.



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