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Aliphatic Resin Glue.

The generic name carpenter’s glue describes the aliphatic resins. Like the white glues, these are sold in squeeze bottles, but aliphatic resin glues are actu­ally much stronger than the polyvinyl resins.

This creamy yellow glue dries very quickly (you can leave the pieces clamped a minimum of an hour, but two hours is preferable, and there’s no harm in waiting still longer). Carpenter’s glue is easy to use, dries a translucent amber color, and is more easily sanded than white glue, which tends to soften due to the heat of the sanding process. Like white glue, however, carpenter’s glue is not for use in damp or exterior applica­tions. It sets more quickly at warm temperatures, but can be used effectively at tempera­tures as low as 45 degrees.


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